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Security For Property Management

Smarter solutions for property managers

Improving tenant retention and attracting new tenants

Property managers have the unique needs to provide protection for multiple tenants and for multiple locations. Videotec designs systems that range from a single location with minimal security needs, to multi-location security systems that have the highest level of security needs for a diverse array of critical applications. VTC engineers design systems that can be managed with tiered levels and are capable of being able to remotely manage using smart mobile devices. From the most rural single building facility to the largest enterprise, VTC engineers have the unique combination of know how and experience to specifically meet the needs of any commercial organization.

easier for tenants to manage their own List of users

No need to issue multiple cards, security that is convenient

VTC understands that it is a given that future tenants need to know that their employees and business will be safe. VTC understands the need to add differentiation to gain new client customers and improve tenant retention. VTC systems are designed to provide more features that are desirable by prospective clients such as flexible access control systems that can allow tenants the right to manage their own lists of cardholders.

VTC systems enable better management for shared perimeter doors, lobby entrances, tenant specific elevator floor entrances, and parking garages. These security systems are designed to be budget friendly scalable as needed. These systems are applicable for commercial facilities of all types and sizes, including gated communities.


  • Single location facility
  • Multi-tenant facilities
  • Large industrial complex
  • Multi-location, multi-tenant facilities
  • Gated communities