Integrated security systems For Chicagoland and N.W. Indiana

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New video systems can improve security and efficiency

Hosted video services means better security

No need to worry about hardware failure or a stolen DVR

Videotec video surveillance solutions are highly secure and have the remote accessibility that is needed by many facility managers today. VTC systems provide solutions to:

• Minimize false alarms

• Improve emergency response

• Prevent trespassers from unauthorized entry

New cloud based hosted video has many benefits

Alerts for system problems and system health monitoring, assures consistent reliability

Even the best video DVR based systems have the possibility of hardware failure. Remember Katrina and Super storm Sandy? The newer methods of storing video on the cloud also provide numerous other benefits:

  • View archived video or live video from any location and at any time with smart mobile devices
  • Improve operational efficiency and costs (updates to technology happen automatically).
  • Instant alert notification via text message or email including video clip of event
  • Adaptability to existing analog cameras
  • Scalable to include more storage
  • Video is archived instead of being deleted
  • Tiered management options