Integrated security systems For Chicagoland and N.W. Indiana

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Videotec for a safer and smarter work place

Better manage access to different facility areas

Selective partitioning for authorized entry

Videotec knows how the needs of a business can easily change in time to require other additional access control features. Our trained access control engineering staff knows how to ask the right questions for your company for today and for tomorrow.

Web-based & multi-site access control solutions

Non-proprietary best of breed open platform solutions

  • Integration to burglar alarm and to video system(s) with two-way voice
  • PC-based, small to mid-sized, to large enterprise global solutions
  • Access control cards, photo I.D. badges, and readers
  • Biometrics technology
  • Analytics

Providing a safer working environment

Tiered management levels of authorization

VTC access control systems achieve much more than just being able to avoid expensive re-keying when an employee leaves. These systems can do much more, such as remotely administer and control access (lock and unlock doors) immediately to multiple facilities. These access systems enable much better security with the ability to track, record, and deter access throughout your organization. In addition, these newer access systems provide useful data for auditing of employee time and attendance.